What’s SNMP?


If you have to observe system in your work, you may have heard SNMP sometimes. So, I’ll explain about SNMP in this post!

Overview of SNMP

Firstly, SNMP is the name of protocol as this formal name(Simple Network Management Protocol) express, and we can monitor server based on UDP/IP by using SNMP.


There are 3 important words related to SNMP.

SNMP Agent⇒ Monitoring target by using SNMP

SNMP⇒ Protocol which is used to communicate between SNMP Agent and SNMP Manager 

SNMP Manager⇒ Server which monitor the SNMP Agent

Features of SNMP


Polling is the process of sending information from an SNMP Agent to an SNMP Manager.


In the Polling, Agent (Client) send information only when it received inquiry.

Polling is categorized mainly two pattern, ping and SNMP, and of course SNMP is the latter.


Information is defined as MIB (Management Information Base), which have system information, interface information, ARP cache information and so on.



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