What’s Segment


When you learn about NW or IP address, you hear “Segment” a lot of time, but what’s this? So, I’ll explain what’s “Segment”.


The word “Segment” has some meanings. For example, from the view of NW concept, network which is split in two is one segment. However, from the view of physical concept, such network are considered as two segments.


Segment is sometimes considered as same as network IP address.


Network IP address express the network itself, and network address is divided into 4 classes, from class A to class E.

In binary numbers, each classes are as follows.

class A:0×××××××.××××××××.××××××××.××××××××

class B:10××××××.××××××××.××××××××.××××××××

class C:110×××××.××××××××.××××××××.××××××××

class D:1110××××.××××××××.××××××××.××××××××

class E:1111××××.××××××××.××××××××.××××××××


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