What’s HDD


HDD is abbreviation of “Hard Disk Drive”, and used for not only computer but also TV, etc.


The Role of HDD

What’s the role of HDD?


The main role of HDD is saving the data of computer.

HDD can save a lot of data and, it won’t disappear when we shut down the computer.

What’s the difference from SSD?

While HDD save the data by writing to disk, SSD save the data on semiconductor device memory.

The main differences are below.



③Read-Write speed


The price of HDD is cheaper than SSD.


SSD is sturdier than HDD.

HDD use disk to save the data, so HDD is fragile compared to SSD which use flash memory to save the data.

③Read-Write speed

SSD is more faster to read and write the data.

Storage location

Where is the each storage location?

Usual storage locations are below.

C Drive ⇒ SSD or HDD

D Drive, E Drive ⇒ HDD


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